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David N. Youdovin 
New York City
212-203-1803 - david@hiresociety.com

The loss of David’s father at a young age made him understand the importance of domestic help early on. When he was four years old, David’s mother enrolled in graduate school and enlisted the services of an extraordinary Colombian woman who worked with David’s family for years and played an instrumental role in shaping David into the person he is today. David understands that while personal staff is a luxury, it is also a necessity, and finding the perfect hire is invaluable.

By his twenty-first birthday, David was successfully producing events in one of New York City’s largest nightclubs and managing a four-star restaurant. He went on to work as a trader and trading floor manager on Wall Street before returning to hospitality in 2005.

David’s return to the service industry happened by chance when a friend asked him to assist in the planning of a Fourth of July party at a private Hamptons estate. A weekend’s worth of work became a new career when the party’s host offered David a full-time position as his Butler/Estate manager. In his new role, David assisted in the day-to-day management and operation of the family’s 50-acre East Hampton estate, their six-story townhouse, and was responsible for the hiring, training, and scheduling of a large domestic staff.

It was while searching for candidates that David first discovered a serious shortage of both qualified candidates and employment agencies to represent those candidates. In 2006, David joined a New York City search firm as a recruiter and later became Vice President and Partner. After six years and hundreds of successful long-term placements within private homes, c-level offices, and major luxury brands, David decided to strike out on his own. In March of 2012, David opened the doors to his wholly owned and operated firm, Hire Society.
Alicia Kacinski
New York City
212-203-8932 - alicia@hiresociety.com

Growing up the second of seven siblings taught this Long Island native to take care of others.  Providing service is very consistent with Alicia’s personality, as she is always the big sister.  Maintaining a nearly perfect GPA in the study of Biology at Liberty University in Virginia, Alicia applied her academic and organizational talents to childcare and family assistant work, while employed by some of New York’s highest profile private families.  Most comfortable in a fast-paced environment, Alicia responds creatively to the challenge of managing tasks and creating standards while finding reward in working hard to satisfy the expectations of high-performance individuals. With insight into how individuals can best move forward in a competitive world, Alicia brings to Hire Society her ability to nurture, her talent for organization, and the gift to gracefully juggle countless tasks and responsibilities.  In addition to her tireless efforts at Hire Society, Alicia also seamlessly managed to complete her Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Management.
Forrest Barnett
631-237-1856 - forrest@hiresociety.com

With a love of entertaining, and deep family roots across the Hamptons, Forrest was a natural choice to head Hire Society’s Southampton office. Having previously worked for many years in New York City in both event production as well as management of a popular restaurant, Forrest returned to the Hamptons lifestyle as a butler and house manager to a large, semi-formal estate. With music, food, and sailing among his greatest pleasures, Forrest often finds he has much in common with clients and job candidates alike. He looks forward to getting to know our clients and coming to understand their lifestyles, as well as finding those candidates most likely to enjoy, and excel at, maintaining the high standards of living that have made the Hamptons a place for relaxation and convivial socializing for those who call it home.
Sofia Ziegler
New York City
212-203-1781 - sofia@hiresociety.com

Having spent a childhood in the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a lifetime backpacking across every major continent except Antarctica, Sofia finds herself everywhere at home. She remembers how the varied and principled brush strokes of all the paintings she enjoyed as a child gave her the sense that the world was full of different stories. Her love of art and her ability to build relationships in new places and across languages has made learning the stories behind different individuals both a skill and a joy. Alongside ten years experience in the art world – most recently serving as Gallery Registrar for Winston Wachter Fine Art, Sofia also brings to Hire Society an extensive background in high-net-worth placement. It was as David’s executive assistant that she previously managed a busy calendar of client engagement. She and David also worked together to quality control their expanding candidate database, and in so doing often found themselves among various professionals of the trade. She took classes to learn what being a private chef entails and how to correctly repair a hem. Sofia’s intellectual curiosity has also taken her across the globe as a community project volunteer. Whether improving irrigation and filter systems in Australia’s Kimberley region, or meeting clients at a gallery downtown, Sofia finds her way.

Aleth Cheung
New York City
212-203-1831 - aleth@hiresociety.com

Aleth is at home anywhere and a stranger to no one. Born and raised in France, she moved to the US at an early age. Making homes and friendships from Hawaii to Virginia, Sag Harbor to Manhattan, Aleth acquired at an early age the tools of building relationships. She learned to speak Mandarin while living in China after high school, and has visited many times since returning to the US. In addition to her talent for connecting with people as well as fluency in three languages, (English, French & Mandarin,) Aleth brings to Hire Society a high degree of organization and skill. Having earned a degree in International Business Management, she applies the same dedication and insight to her daily work in understanding the needs of her clients and striving diligently to meet them with satisfaction. No stranger to domestic service, Aleth’s considerable experience in babysitting culminated in working as a nanny for a prominent New York City family. She understands the process of establishing the confidence and skills required of candidates seeking jobs with high-net-worth individuals and the importance of building relationships that work.
Isaura Hollcraft
New York City
212-203-9095 - isaura@hiresociety.com

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Isaura has traveled the world, acquiring a deep knowledge for service and hospitality in the process. Educated in a French school, she is fluent in Spanish, English, and French, and proficient in Portuguese. Following her time in the Caribbean, Isaura moved to France, where she studied hospitality at the Université de Cergy-Pontoise, in the Academy of Versailles, and completed a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality Management. After graduation, Isaura spent six years working in fashionable boutique hotels in Paris, and assisted in the opening of a new hotel in the 14th arrondissement. When not working, Isaura traveled extensively throughout Europe. Her combined professional and personal endeavors abroad helped Isaura cultivate a well-rounded and culturally diverse approach to the way she interacts with clients and candidates alike.
Annie Whitney
631-237-1855 - annie@hiresociety.com

Annie came to Hire Society Hamptons after having worked extensively in hospitality and event production.  Visitors to our Main Street office will find her managing a full schedule of appointments plus the inevitable surprises of daily life with a confidant smile on her face.  She credits her fun mother, who knows exactly how to throw a party, for her ability to balance organization with spontaneity.  Annie previously planned weddings and special events at a former East Hampton estate that now serves as an inn, complete with restaurant and marina.  With guests coming and going by land and sea, the logistics of large events demanded forethought and execution, which Annie perfected while retaining her ability to surprise and delight.  Annie is remembered by guests as being the original spark that put their events into motion, as well as the determined force that willed them to completion.   We are pleased to have Annie’s strong commitment to all of our projects, and hope you will reach out to her if there is anything at Hire Society Hamptons that she can do on your behalf.  
Giuliana Bianchini
New York City
212-203-1238 - giuliana@hiresociety.com

Born to hospitality, Giuliana spent her childhood running down the corridors of her family’s Hotel and Restaurant businesses. With summers spent waitressing in various restaurants across France, Giuliana grew into her love of the restaurant hospitality industry. After graduating from high school she took a more traditional education path accomplishing her Bachelor’s degree in Law and then completing her Masters of Science degree in International Business.  Fluent in English, French, and Italian, Giuliana navigated a move from France to New York. Hire Society provided her the seamless transition from restaurant hospitality to hospitality recruitment. In her role as Hospitality Recruitment Associate, Giuliana is able to balance the perfect combination of business and hospitality. At Hire Society Giuliana offers the guidance and business acumen to help others pursue their careers within the hospitality industry.

Brenda Gorton
New York City
212-203-6036 -

Following in her mother’s footsteps, Brenda immigrated from Colombia at the young age of seven. Growing up, Brenda admired her mother’s tenacity and strong work ethic as she pursued better opportunities for her family. Carrying with her the formative experiences of her childhood, Brenda worked towards her degree in Graphic Design. After graduation, Brenda applied her education and skills in various jobs within the Marketing field. Here, Brenda realized her greater ability to take the ideas of others and bring them to life – both in the realms of design and administration. These opportunities developed a newfound passion that led Brenda to take on a myriad of administrative tasks and eventually led her to Hire Society. Brenda now serves to provide an innovative and detail oriented perspective through her role on the Operations Team.
Bailee Peters
New York City
212-203-1867 - bailee@hiresociety.com

From a very young age, Bailee has found forging her own path to be a necessity in life. Born and raised in Texas, Bailee cultivated a strong work ethic and can-do attitude in her schooling and her work. Always willing to take on a challenge, she decided to pursue her education in Business in New York City. There, Bailee found herself in supportive administrative roles and instantly fell in love with helping others achieve their visions and goals. Bailee’s belief in the importance of hard work and her desire to develop new skills led her to Hire Society. Whether task-managing or assisting with various aspects of the staffing process, Bailee works as a dynamic asset within a distinguished environment. Bailee is excited to bring her Southern charm as well as her determination to Hire Society as she continues to set new standards within the recruitment industry.
Jessie Mignone
Westchester, Connecticut & Worldwide
914-924-7380 - mignone@hiresociety.com

Native Manhattanite Jessie Mignone is our only team member to have experienced Hire Society as both a candidate and a client. After graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, she met with David to find a professional outlet for the pleasure she took in working with children. Hire Society first placed her as a nanny to one of New York's most prominent families, and then David and Jessie steadily grew her career to the level of first personal assistant, and then to international household manager, in the employ of an A-list celebrity. From this vantage, Jessie later met frequently with David to find successful placements for her employer. Her experience on and behind the scenes, as well as her extensive list of contacts, gives her a keen eye for cultivating perfect placement relationships. Serving for many years in the management of a large and complex household has also proven helpful in other ways, as Jessie now occupies herself with the restoration of an historic property in Westchester she calls home. We have frequently consulted Jessie for candidate referrals over the years, and are now proud to formally welcome her, as well as her many insights and talents, to the Hire Society team.
Graham Lefford
New York, NY
212-203-1867 - graham@hiresociety.com

Graham Lefford is an all-American butler with a British pedigree and a love for the outdoors. His father’s work in medical research brought the family from the bustle of London to the natural beauty of the Adirondacks, and developed a skill for adaptation that has served Graham throughout his career as a butler. Whether managing a New York City townhouse or overseeing a ranch in New Mexico, Graham can take care of everything from museum quality antiques and VIP guests to cattle and power generators, all while maintaining a high level of quality control.

"I like to learn how to do everything myself. This way I don’t have to depend on anybody else." Graham often jokes that he knows a lot about things that come up very little. These small details, however, are what make someone an effective butler, especially when such a small detail becomes a big issue. When raccoons became a problem at a secluded Connecticut estate, Graham had fortunately been taught by a hunter how to set a live trap. Graham caught seventeen raccoons in one day, all before a pest control professional had to be called, and before the family ever learned there had been a vermin problem. Whether working with an antiques expert, carpenter, or HVAC repairman, Graham always became friends with the tradespeople who crossed his path, and made a point to teach himself the services they can provide.

The lost arts of home economics are alive and well with Graham, who credits his parents with setting him up for success as a butler. He had been raised in a strict household where everybody had to contribute, whether that meant cleaning, doing repair work, or sewing. These skills have proven to be invaluable over the course of his career, in which he has repaired evening gowns just in time for a glamorous fundraiser in New York, opened houses in Palm Beach and the Hamptons to make them guest ready for the season, and even trained to be a cowboy to manage cattle across the American Southwest. Perhaps most valuable of all has been Graham’s ability to establish rapport. Whether dealing with the lady of the house or the piano repairman, it has always been Graham’s philosophy to try to understand what makes a person tick. Doing so has allowed him to work well with a variety of people, and to accomplish the many tasks of his working day with both satisfaction and enjoyment.


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